Neuralta says goodbye to migraines! by Ivan S. Pullicino B.Pharm. (Hons.) M.Sc.

What causes migraine attacks? There is no real evidence showing what the actual underlying cause is, however there is a strong hypothesis that a condition called hypoxia (lack of oxygenation in the brain cells) triggers these aggravating, throbbing migraine attacks that vary in frequency and intensity. Migraine affects up to 15% of the population and around two thirds of sufferers are women. An attack can last from 4 hours to 72 hours, although sufferers may feel drained for a couple of days after that. A migraine sufferer can experience an average of 13 attacks a year, but this can vary from person to person; sufferers are completely symptom-free between attacks.

Alta Care Laboratoires — Paris, have launched an innovative over-the-counter solution to improve the microcirculation and the oxygenation of brain cells…Neuralta Migren 101 Patches. By simply sticking a discreet patch on the clothers at chest level that allows the active ingredients to be released by aromatherapy. The active ingredients of Neuralta Migren 101 Patches are essential oils. Studies have shown that the inhaled essential oils improve microcirculation by inhibiting platelet segregation. There is an improvent in peripheral brain circulation, oxygenation and nerve cell stimulation. The aromatherapy improves oxygenation in the brain cells, thus acting on the underlying cause of migraines. Last but not least, some essnetial oils also found in Neuralta Migren 101 Patches, have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Neuralta Migren 101 patches have a rapid onset of action and give a relaxing and soothing effect.

1170575_skull_and_bones One thing to keep in mind is that using Neuralta Migren 101 Patches will reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks, meaning that if before using Neuralta Migren 101 Patches, migraines were a three times weekly ordeal, with the help of Neuralta Migren 101 Patches the attacks could subside to as little as once a week or even less; and as regarding to intensity one could go from not being able to sleep as the attack is so bad to the attack being not so severe and so it is possible to sleep. Neuralta Migren 101 patches are also safe to be used by children and they do not have any side-effects, dependence or interactions. Neuralta Migren 101 Patches should be taken with Neuralta Tablets and Neuralta Syrup, supplements containing a combination of Vitamin B1, B6 and B12, that improve the trophism of the central nervous system. How to use the patches? Simple. Just apply 1 patch on the clothes at chest level, and for continuous action patches are used on alternate months (i.e. first month 1 patch per day, second month discontinue treatment, third month 1 patch per day and so on until migraine symptoms persist).

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ALTA CARE Laboratoires is an independent multinational company founded by pharmacists and doctors working in the European Union. With over twenty years of experience in professional consultancy in all the stages required for manufacturing and branding


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