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Have an agenda in the man department? Most women do. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Women have had an agenda since Eve ate fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Men either get an agenda of their own, or deal with it. Simply put, men have their own manipulative reasons for wanting a relationship.

Relationship scavenger Mark S. once revealed that men would not get married if sex were not an issue outside wedlock. As insulting as this thought may be, women have used this ploy to obtain the valued document for centuries. And, it works. Marriage is a status symbol for women, and men get sex.

Raise your hand if you think one or the other gets short changed?

I suppose logically, you could argue that men are short changed if they don’t get all the sex they want, or get satisfied by means of achieving sexual prowess. Or, by the same token, women are quite possibly unequally yoked if their man is a bit less ambitious? Regardless, the reality is that men and women choose their own boundaries, set their own goals, and often screw up relationships by settling for less than God’s best for themselves.

A man who focuses his interest on the woman who puts out prior to marriage often beats a dead horse; because she’s been putting out to catch a man, not keep one. A woman who seeks a man who gives her gifts and benefits prior to marriage, often gets one who treats her like an old comfortable shoe afterward, because he was giving to get, not to keep, too.

Angel R. explained that giving away the milk before the man buys the cow is a dangerous habit to get into, because a man who has free milk need to feed no cow. Functional relationships prior to marriage are based on quality communication and loving consideration, and should be the same after marriage, according to her years of experience in living.

Laura L. suggests dating men for two years and testing them in every possible way prior to hitting the alter on your knees.

Savor the process of building a relationship, allow your love for each other to grow naturally, and take responsibility for the role you choose to live. If you want to be catered too, remember what you have to pay. If you want control, be prepared to pick up the tab.

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Dating is an opportunity to know another person, build a relationship, make a friend, and network with another human being. Take an opportunity to say hello to someone new today, you just might be meeting your future spouse. Work at Home Mom’s Co

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