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Bulimia Symptoms

People affected by Bulimia nervosa, usually intake excessive quantity of food; and then try to shed off the extra calories by vomiting, taking enemas, using laxatives or diuretics and other improper means.


Binge eating, is the main cause and symptom of Bulimia. This takes place at least twice a month, for a maximum of three months. The other such symptoms of Bulimia are-

Eating at irregular periods. The amount of consumption of the food is also quite high, compared to normal eating. Such an abnormality indicates the arrival of Bulimia.

People, affected by Bulimia, lose control over themselves. No matter how hard they try, they are unable to restrict their eating to a certain amount, rather one suffering from Bulimia, feels like that they just cannot stop eating.

Bulimia patients have one more very interesting attribute. Though they eat in large quantities, they always try their level best to prevent their body from gaining any weight. In order to shed off the undesired calories, a Bulimia patient induces himself to self-vomiting, using laxatives to a large amount, taking help of diuretics, enemas, etc., fasting and excessive exercise. The Bulimia patients become over conscious about their body weight.

A Bulimia patient always remains concerned about the calories they consume and how their physical appearance. They engage in a constant battle with mind and inner soul, as to how they should shed off those extra calories. In this way, a Bulimia patient turns into a mere pawn in the hands of the Bulimia disease. The thoughts about their body fat and disproportionate figure bother him and shatter them down. Bulimia can leave the patient confused and land them in an island, where they are always confronting their own image.

For more information, visit http://www.BulimiaInfoCenter.com or http://www.AnorexiaInfoCenter.com

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